Precautions for oxygen production machine

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xygen is an essential element for human survival. World-renowned medical experts once said: "All diseases start from hypoxia", "hypoxia is the main cause of cancer", and "oxygen plays a decisive role in strengthening the immune system.

The importance of oxygen and the harmfulness of hypoxia have been recognized by everyone. So what do we need to pay attention to when we use oxygen generator mechanism oxygen?

1. When the oxygen machine is turned on, do not make the flowmeter float at 0。

2. It is forbidden to start the machine without installing the filter and filter。

3. When the oxygen generator is working, try to clean the position indoors, and the distance from the wall or other objects is not less than 20 cm。

4. The oxygen generator should be placed stably, otherwise it will increase the operating noise of the oxygen generator。

5. Open flames and fires should be avoided when using oxygen generators。

6. The water level in the wet bottle should not be too high (half the water level is appropriate), otherwise, the bottle will easily escape or enter the oxygen suction tube。

7. When using the oxygen generator, if there is a malfunction, prevent the power failure, if the influence of oxygen and accident occurs, please prepare other emergency measures。

8. During transportation and storage, it is strictly prohibited to horizontally, invert, damp or expose to direct sunlight。

9. For the oxygen generator for a long time, please cut off the power supply, pour out the wet bottle of water, wipe the surface of the oxygen generator, use a plastic cover, and place it in a dry place without sunlight。

10. Remember to cut off the power when cleaning the oxygen generator, filter, etc., or changing the insurance。

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