Deputy Secretary of Fuyang District Visit Zhejiang Zhengda's Factory

Release time:2022-05-30    Click:294

Chairman Cai Lijun, head of Zhengda Air Separation, introduced the production scale of the air separation equipment manufacturing industry and analyzed the remarkable achievements in technological progress, energy saving and consumption reduction in the current domestic nitrogen production industry. At present, it has become the world's largest air separation plant design and manufacturing base, and the world's super-large air separation market share ranks among the top three, becoming the leading domestic air separation enterprise.

Xu Linliang, deputy secretary of the district party committee, fully affirmed our company's future development strategy. After more than ten years of hard work, the company has always adhered to science and technology as the driving force, focusing on technological innovation and product innovation, and has cooperated with many domestic scientific research institutions, colleges and universities. The school has cooperated with each other to form a unique scientific research system; established a technology research and development department with the development of new products as the core. , Safety production standardization second-level enterprise and AAA-level "contract-honoring and credit-worthy"enterprise. The company has obtained 41 national patents, including 3 invention patents, 19 products have been listed as provincial key new product plans, 2 products have been listed as national innovation fund projects, and "Zhengda Kongfen" has been rated as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province. . After unremitting efforts, Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. has become a technology leader in the compressed air purification industry and the PSA pressure swing adsorption industry. Relying on the excellent energy-saving concept, Chia Tai provides you with the most complete service with the best quality and the lowest energy consumption.