Air separation equipment base knowledge

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1. At present, there is a main (low temperature method), (adsorption method), (adsorption method), (membrane separation method), now substantially (low temperature method), oxygen, nitrogen, argon

2, air is a mixed gas, wherein the content of nitrogen is (78.03)%, the content of oxygen is (20.93)%, and the content of argon is (0.932%).

3. Some substance may be liquefied with the highest temperature called its (critical temperature), the liquefied pressure corresponding to the critical temperature (critical pressure)

4, the critical temperature of the air is (-140.65 ° C ~ -140.75 ° C), critical pressure is (3.868MPa ~ 3.3.876MPa)

5, the critical temperature of oxygen is (-118.4 ° C), critical pressure is (5.079 MPa)

6, the critical temperature of nitrogen is (-146.9 ° C), critical pressure is (3.394 MPa)

7, oxygen processes can be divided into ten systems, namely air compression systems, air purification systems, heat exchange systems, refrigeration systems, rectification systems, safety explosion-proof systems, product compression delivery systems, warming knot system, instrument control system , Electronic control system

8. The role of the air pre-cooling system is mainly (cooling) and (wash) two aspects

9. Molecular sieve adapter mainly adsorb (water), (carbon dioxide), (hydrocarbon) (hydrocarbon)

10. The temperature called (dew point) when the water vapor is saturated, the lower the value, the more the degree of dryness of the gas is (high)